Definitive cleaner for removal efflorescence


WE have to deal with stain.
So we thought are there any way to keep building clean without sharping surface.
Cleaning walls not by hurting it.
TA-CHEMICAL has born from those comcept.

Environmentally friendly

Cleaning agent for outside walls used to be applied with very strong acid, but not anymore. TA chemical is highly safe product. This is not “non-medical deleterious substances”.

Lower cost

We can choose several types of TA chemicals, depends on “what kind of dirt” or “what materials the dirt attached”. This is very efficient, and it reduces its cost.

Washing without damage

To disassemble dirt keeps the beauty of the materials as it is. This leads to an ever-growing demand for washing and cleaning more than re-painting.

Micro stop (TA-guardian)

To increase friction coefficient with this product makes it less slippery. It allows the beauty of a finished surface to be retained for a long time. This method is good for the hallway of hotels, office entrance, or bath rooms.



efflorescence, water stain removal

Remover for efflorescence, scale, and mortar after tailing.


water stain removal

Remover for soot, water stain, rain stain. (No use for mirror)


mold removal

Remover for mold. No damage to materials. Powdered product like this keeps chlorine.


rust removal

Its neutral PH enable rust of many materials to be removed.


stain removal

To coat the other side of surface removes scum.

Micro stop

non-slip effect

To coat the smooth and slippery floor forms fine irregularities on surfaces, and makes non-slip effect.


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