Car coating surface, tile, resin, glass surface dedicated coating


The coating agent for surface of vehicles, tile, resin and glass. The main component is durable SIO2.

Water/oil repellent effect

This prevents many places like bath rooms, toilets, and floor, from not only water and oil but stains.

High durability

DWR (durable water repellent) makes long-term-use possible. LG-1 doesn’t come off the metals.

Maximum 8H hardness

8H coating protects the materials from scratch, dirt, and UVs. It keeps high wear resistance after 500times rubbing.

All-purpose coating

The body of vehicle, wheel, bumper, tile, bathtub, toilet, sink, glass, and even metal can be coated.

Test of LG-coat coating


This keeps wet color as shown in the picture.


This develops water repellent effect.


Comparison. Coated glass prevents dirt more than non-coated one.

Easy step to coat

It is a coating agent to apply to vehicle painted surfaces, tiles, resin, glass surfaces, etc., with easy construction only to remove surface stains and apply without unevenness.

tile, sink, stainless steel, window sashes, toilet, wash basin, bathtub, surface of vehicle, bumper.


LG-1 standard coating. For tile, ceramic, metal, floor Packing : 1kg・4kg
LG-2 lower cost glass coating For tile, ceramic Packing : 1kg・4kg
LG-3 quick drying glass coating For tile, ceramic, floor Packing : 1kg
LG-EX oil repellent coating For glass. Packing : 1k

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