High-end sealer for stone, concrete, tile, wood and plaser.

What is TB-COAT?

High-end protection sealer

TB-COAT is esepecially effective for floor or outside wall,the place which has easily effected by rainwater.
TB-COAT can maintain aesthestic of building for long term.

Penetrate inside stone.

Lower water absorption rate 30%-90%

*It does not change texture of material because TB-COAT does not create rayler on surface *Main ingreadients are fluorine and silicone.
*TB-COAT does not easily pealed off.

■ Waterproof comparison (Left = Yamanishi Granite (JB) Right = Granite (G655P))

Main component penetrate inside and decrease water absorption rate.

Experiment Reported by Institute for the Preservation of cultural assets

Lime stone

General coating only protect surface of stone. So it get less effective quickly. TB-COAT maintain quality as long as it get shaved. Average is 2-5year on floor 5-10year on outside wall.

Prevent wet color&high durability

Cause of water absorbed from back side of stone after pitched the color of stone looks like wet called wet-color problem.
TB-COAT can prevent this problem by coating the front and side of stone before pitching. You do not need to coating back side.

Attached picture is disolved effloecense material and inc in water. And than soak half of stone on water. You can see that half of un-coating side became wet-color.

Antifouling experiment by olive oil

Aged deterioration after coating

6 year after coating with TB-COAT (antivacterial.ver) after cleaning sand stone.

Before cleaning and coating

After cleaning and coating

After 6 years



TB-COAT not only lower water absorption rate, it also prevent effloecense problem.

TB-COAT catalog

Please download from the button below when using the catalog. Japanese and English versions are available.

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Product information

Product name TB-Marble Product name TB-Granite
Ingredient fluorine/silicone/
Ingredient fluorine/silicone//
Coating target marble/limestone Coating target Granite
Uses Prevent wet color/antifouling Uses Prevent wet color/antifouling
Volume 4L / 16L / 200L Volume 4L / 16L / 200L
Product name TB-Sandstone Product name TB-Last
Ingredient silicone/solvent Ingredient fluorine/silicone/
Coating target Sandstone Coating target Various stone
Uses Prevent wet color/antifouling Uses Oil repellent
Volume 4L / 16L / 200L Volume 4L / 16L / 200L
Product name TB-Wet Product name TB-RC
Ingredient silicone Ingredient silicone/solvent
Coating target Various stone Coating target concrete
Uses Wet color finish Uses Prevent wet color/antifouling
Volume 4L / 16L / 200L Volume 4L / 16L / 200L
Type of stone Coating area per 1L Coating amount per 1㎡
Granite/mirror surface 10〜15m2 0.06〜0.1L
Granite/burner finish 8〜12m2 0.08〜1.3L
Pyroxene andesite 8〜12m2 0.08〜0.13L
Lime stone 5〜7m2 0.14〜0.2L
Terracotta 5〜7m2 0.14〜0.2L
Indian sand stone 5〜7m2 0.14〜0.2L
Oya-ishi stone 3〜6m2 0.16〜0.3L
Tuff stone 4〜7m2 0.14〜0.25L
Bianco Carrara 9〜12m2 0.08〜0.11L
Travertine 9〜12m2 0.08〜0.11L
Slate 8〜10m2 0.1〜0.13L
New construction RC 7〜10m2 0.1〜0.14L
Refurbishment RC 5〜8m2 0.13〜0.2L
Plaster 7〜10m2 0.1〜0.14L
Wood 10〜14m2 0.07〜0.14L
Tile 8〜15m2 0.06〜0.13L

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