CSC Silver photocatalyst

Antibacterial, antiviral, deodorant coating agent

Unlike conventional coatings with titanium dioxide, it can be applied to any material and does not require curing, making it easy to apply. It is also highly durable and inexpensive. It is a hybrid coating agent that can be used in various locations, such as at night or inside air conditioners that are not exposed to light.


Product Features

Even without light.
Deodorant and antibacterial with silver

Deodorizing and antibacterial with silver ions even without light. Conventional titanium dioxide is less effective without light (ultraviolet light). However, CSC, blended with silver ions, is deodorant and antibacterial even in the absence of light. In other words, it is effective even at night or in dark places.

Construction on
all kinds of materials

Conventional coatings containing photocatalysts decompose organic matter, limiting the materials that can be used for surface preparation and installation. Therefore, when applying CSC to interior surfaces, the curing cost was high. However, CSC can be applied to all types of materials, including glass, fiber, rubber, and resin, eliminating the need for curing. As a result, CSC can be offered to customers at a low cost.

Maintains antimicrobial
effect even after washing

Because CSC is an ultrafine particle of 5 to 15 nanometers, it does not form a film on fibers or glass, but rather fills the surface with dots. For example, if you spill flour (150 microns) on a carpet (15 microns), it is difficult to remove, just as it is difficult to remove when CSC is coated on cloth or resin. We have obtained data from a testing institute that shows no change in antimicrobial effect even after coating mouton fabrics once and washing them three times.

It doesn't change
the texture at all.

CSC can be applied without changing the material to be coated at all. CSC can be easily applied to existing buildings as well as new buildings, such as fiber, glass, and resin, without any adverse effects on any materials.



Bacteriophage QB Data

Bacteriophage is the name of a virus that infects bacteria and is said to be harmless to humans. The mechanism of photocatalytic antiviral activity shows almost no difference in effectiveness against animal viruses (such as influenza) as well as bacteriophages. Tests with bacteriophages, which are highly safe, have been adopted in evaluation tests conducted by the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan.

Antimicrobial data

【 Test Result 】
The AG+T for maintenance shows that the antimicrobial effect is maintained even after 60 sterilization (surfactant) washes after application.

Washing Resistance Data

【 Test Result 】
According to the "SEK Mark Textile Product Certification Criteria" by the Japan Textile Evaluation and Technology Council, the criteria for "antibacterial and deodorizing treatment" is 2.2 ≤ antibacterial activity value, indicating that CSC, when applied to the fiber, remains effective even after washing.

Safety Test

CSC has passed all four tests that are considered SIAA/SEK standards.