Vehicle painted surface, tile, resin, glass surface
Special coating agent

LG-COAT is a coating agent to be applied to vehicle painted surfaces, tiles, resin, glass surfaces, etc.
Its main ingredient is SIO2, which is highly durable and used in various fields.


Product Features

High water and oil repellency
Stain resistance

With its high water and oil repellency, it prevents not only water but also dirt. It is also easy to clean off when it adheres, making it versatile for use in a variety of locations. It demonstrates its antifouling function in various places such as bathtubs, toilet stains, and floor tiles.

Highly durable
and long-lasting

Long-term use is possible due to its high durability. It has strong abrasion resistance and will not float or peel. Chemical resistance is also strong, and LG-1 will not peel off when applied to metals or when used with various chemicals.

Coating with a maximum hardness of 8H

Coating with a maximum strength of 8H protects the surface to be applied. It minimizes the effects of scratches, various stains, and UV rays, and prevents contamination and deterioration of the substrate. Although the hardness varies depending on the applied material, the coating is also highly abrasion resistant and maintains its water repellent function even after 500 rubbing cycles.

Versatile construction

For vehicles, it can be applied to painted bodies, wheels, and plastic bumpers. For construction, it can be applied to tiles, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and glass. For industrial applications, it can be used for various purposes, such as antifouling of metal equipment.



A_LG-1 Coating

Applied to stone, it can retain a wet-colored feel as shown in the photo.

B_LG-1 Coating

Water repellent effect on the applied area (left side).

C_LG-1 Coating

Stain resistance when applied to glass surfaces. Thinner stain protection when applied.