Professional Cleaner

Dirt is a problem that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives. Is there any way to neutralize and decompose stains by chemical reaction? TA Chemical is a professional cleaning product designed to make the best use of the existing exterior walls and tiles without damaging them.


Product Features

friendly agents

Although many cleaning agents for exterior walls of buildings use strong acids, TA Chemical minimizes the use of strong acids and uses environmentally friendly additives to create a highly safe product. In addition, while many exterior wall cleaners are deleterious substances for non-medical use, all products in the TA Chemical series are treated as ordinary products.

Reduce costs through precise
use of the product.

By using more than one type of product depending on the type of stain and the material on which the stain is adhering, work can be done efficiently. Another advantage of our products is that they can be used in the right places to reduce the cost of liquid cost at the time of construction.

Cleaning without
damaging materials

Since the chemical reaction breaks down the stain, the material is not damaged and can be maintained in its previous condition. In addition, more and more buildings are replacing their exterior walls with tiles instead of paint, and the need for cleaning instead of repainting is increasing.

Microstop Technology

Slip-resistant flooring materials, such as natural stone and tile, are made slip-resistant by adding unevenness to their surfaces that can only be seen under a microscope. Since this method physically increases the coefficient of friction, there is almost no loss of aesthetic appeal. This is the best anti-slip solution for maintaining the space as it is, especially for hotel entrances, office entrances, bathtubs, and other spaces that have been carefully selected.


Product Lineup


Removal of effluent and water stains

It is a remover exclusively for efflorescence, but it can also remove scale and other substances. It can also remove mortar after tiling.

Packing : 4L・20L


Removal of water stains and scale

It can remove soot, water stains, rain stains, and other adhered stains by chemical reaction. It cannot be used on mirrored stone because it will reduce the luster of the stone.

Packing : 4L・20L


Mold removal

Rootlessly removes mold without damaging the material. Since it is in powder form, it does not lose its chlorine content as hypochlorous chlorine does.

Packing : 4L・20L


Stain removal

It can be applied to scum from the underside of stone to remove it. It is also more effective when applied as a poultice.

Packing : 20L


Oil and sebum stains

This cleaning agent removes vegetable oil, machine oil, etc. that have soaked into stone.

Packing : 4L・20L


Rust removal

It reacts with rusted areas and removes rust, and can be used for a variety of materials due to its neutral PH.

Packing : 4L・20L


Anti-slip of tile and stone

It is a chemical that is applied to tiles, stones, etc. and etched to produce an anti-slip effect.

Packing : 4L・20L