Permeable Anti-Water Absorption Agent

This is a protective coating that can be applied to a variety of building substrates, primarily stone. By reducing water absorption without changing the texture of the material, it can be applied to entrances, exterior walls, and other areas susceptible to rainwater to maintain the original appearance of the new building for a long period of time. It can be applied to stone, concrete, tile, wood, plaster, etc., and can be easily reapplied without the need for peeling.


Product Features

Forms a permeable layer to prevent contamination

The water absorption rate can be reduced by 30% to 90% due to the permeation layer formed by TB-COAT. This prevents staining and preserves the beauty of the landscape.

(R) TB-COAT applied (L) No application

Highly durable and reapplicable

Since the coating penetrates without coating the surface, it does not peel off and can be easily reapplied. It is effective for approximately 5 years for exterior walls, etc., and 2-3 years for floor surfaces. *The duration may be shorter depending on the actual walking conditions and the external environment.

(L) Before construction (R) 9 years after construction

Natural looking, wet color prevention

Prevents wet color patterns on stone due to moisture from the back of the stone after it has been covered. Wet coloring can be prevented by applying the product to the surface of the stone and five small edges prior to installation. The back of the stone can be prevented without application.

(L) Before construction (R) After construction

Prevention of efflorescence due to aging

Since it reduces the water absorbency of stone, it not only prevents stains, but also prevents efflorescence (whitening phenomenon) caused by rainwater intrusion. It can prevent the occurrence of efflorescence without changing the texture of the material. *Efflo caused by cracks on the surface cannot be prevented.



Structure of TB-COAT

Comparison of TB-COAT application

Before application

During application

After application