Innovative products
for a prosperous future.

We are "professionals in equipment cleaning and antifouling," making full use of all kinds of products based on the science of material surfaces. We are also committed to further product development based on our knowledge. We will never stop our efforts to protect our clients' valuable assets (buildings and structures).
We will continue to protect the beauty of buildings and stones based on our belief that "to maintain the beauty of a building is to protect its value.

Equipment Cleaning & Anti-Fouling Application

Leave it to us to clean up stone materials and entrances and maintain their beauty. We can revive stone materials and entrances that have been stained by efflorescence, mold, etc., to look as they did when they were first built and prolong their beauty.

Product Sales

We sell products developed for various applications, such as glass coatings for kitchen stone tops, etc. We also offer OEM and ODM development services.

Product Export Operations

We are happy to consult with you on development and export of products to meet your needs for overseas markets. We can also export small quantities of samples and introduce local suppliers.


In order to maintain aesthetics,
we have researched materials
and developed a variety of products.

In 2004, at a time when the trend was shifting toward renovation rather than new construction, we started our business by developing products that were conscious of the aesthetic value of concrete and other materials.
The area we have constructed to date exceeds 1,000,000㎥.

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Antibacterial and antiviral
CSC silver-based catalyst

Photocatalyst with silver ions, deodorizing effect even at night. It maintains aesthetics and creates a comfortable space with three effects: [antiviral deodorization], [antibacterial], and [deodorization].

Permeable anti-water absorption agent

The premier coating agent for the protection of stone, concrete, tile, wood, plaster, etc. Excellent performance in maintaining the beauty of new construction for a long time, even in areas susceptible to rainwater.

Glass coating

Coating agent specially designed for vehicle painted, tile, plastic, and glass surfaces. Minimizes scratches, stains, and effects from UV rays.

Cleaning agent

The definitive efflorescence removal solution. It uses environmentally friendly additives and makes use of existing exterior walls and tiles without damaging them. We handle everything from manufacturing to sales and installation in-house.

More than about 30 joint development projects since its inception.
We have constructed approximately 450+ homes and facilities.


Ceramic tile cleaning coat

2023 / TA bleach + TB-RC mold inhibitor formula

After cleaning ceramic tiles, TB-RC is applied to the mold inhibitor formula.


sandstone stain removal

2023 / TA-bleach + TA-bashi

Performed stain removal on sandstone


caulking stain

2023 / TA-ReMove

Cleaning of oil stains that have penetrated stone due to poor sealing hardening


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